Thursday, May 14, 2009

Endless Journeys...

What??? You MUST be joking! Surely! Well, yes. That was the gag. What a mighty large panel, too. Easy breezy after my last one. Except....that it was a mighty LARGE panel to do in one night. It was the equivalent of two, or maybe even three, of the regular panels. It was totally the time to begin the journey, but instead of quickly rocketing our heroes through an unseen wilderness, we end up across the street. That Fandalf! I tell you, what a wizard he is! So full of tricks! Notice the Hrinkle-frog? Now, that "spell" did a number on his intestinal tract. The dwarven anatomical system does'nt always take too kindly to wizardry (or wizardical trickery (or transmogrification)).
I almost finished the thing the next morning, but unfortunately, I had about ten minutes of work left do to on it. I had a chance to wrap the whole thing up on my lunchbreak. Finito Maestro!

- Chew

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