Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fing Fang Foom!

He just set me up, did'nt he? I mean, how could you not do something to that little guy? He was practically begging for...well, whatever, to happen to him.
I have to tell you, this was no mere "simple" drawing. The Tuesday night that Jeff was working on his panel, I found out that my Grandmother had passed away. On top of that, I also found out that one of my dogs has a tumor on her tongue. Wednesday rolls around and now it's time for me to draw. You know what? It just was'nt there. A blank space. So I ended up taking a couple of days off for bereavement. My parents went up to Ohio for the funeral. I stayed behind to take care of the dogs. Still no ideas.
Finally, Sunday saunters onto the scene. I was going to help Jeff finish painting his house on that day. Off I go. Whilst on the roof, the panel suddenly flashes in my mind. I know what I am going to do. It was all right there in my head. I could almost see it! First, I had to finish painting. Second, I had to go back home to feed the dogs and wait for my parents to return. Third, I had to unwind. I had'nt been sleeping too well because the dogs are old and on an entirely different schedule than mine (and I had time off, too!) I then sat down to work on the page. My thought was to try to finish it for the following Monday when I would return to work. I sketched, I inked, I pondered. Total crap. The scene was right, but the lines were awful. I got up and walked away from it. What was wrong? It dawned on me that I was thoroughly exhausted and never realized it. I went to bed.
The next day, still weary, I nonetheless arose with a fierce determination to make the panel correct. I basically redrew the whole thing and patched it all up. With a cup of coffee by my side, the lines were coming out smoothly. The only drawback? I had to go to work! I did not have enough time to finish the panel up. So, instead of trying to kill myself, I let another day go by. That evening, after work, I was able to finally finish up those little panels. It was a toughie...and I'm glad that it's finally finished!

- Chew

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