Monday, May 18, 2009

Tummy Rumblers

Okay...this panel ran totally on instinct. I figured that we would have to get into that castle very soon. Instead of doing the obvious and sending Flik inside, I decided to go another route...the one the popped in my head and seemed impossible. Would it work? Could it work? Should I do it? I did it.
I was also rockin' pretty hard to The Horrors and Frog Eyes. I was totally amped up and to most, it might appear as if I was on a total coke-binge, but I was not and I have never partaken that substance thank you very much but I have run into some people who have and are actually still alive so there's hope for you yet ye of little faith and/or self-esteem. So, who's ready to eat? Bertha or the Dragon? I'm hungry. I'd like to get a nice pizza and have some beer with it. I like that hefeweizen. I did'nt at first. I thought it was repulsive and tasted like relish. But for some reason, I could'nt stop thinking about it and then went out to find some more. Weird stuff. I guess that's why I like it. Very temperamental. Not unlike, I would imagine, a couple of members from our little questy-league!

- Chew

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