Monday, May 25, 2009

Not in Kansas anymore...

After seeing Bertha and the Dragon kiss, I felt that the moment should linger in the reader's mind a little while longer. Continuing the sequence would mean setting up another gag that was better than this one and, quite frankly, nothing can top those two french kissing each other. So a switch in scenery and location seemed appropriate.

Originally this was supposed to be a smaller panel. Because I couldn't show the entire fellowship in my previous panel, I really wanted to show the entire group in this one. But I ran out of room! I called Chew the evening I worked on this and asked him if I could have his panel to extend mine. He said yes and I gleefully started drawing the fellowship. I drew four members and thought I was done until I looked at the first page of this story and realized I left out two of them! Let's just say it was a loooong evening ( I should killed off more of the fellowship earlier).

My favorite part of this panel is Fandalf storming off. I really like the idea of him being a sensitive Prima Donna. He's reacting to his mistake as though he's been chastised, but no one in the group has said anything ... Fandalf is a powerful, insecure and highly sensitive wizard. A highly unstable combination.

I've thought of a few possible ways to wrap this up in two panels. Unfortunately, the next panel is not mine to draw. And I have no idea what Chew will decide to do next...

- Jeff Tuffenstuff

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