Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the quest....

...a foul desire arises within the breast of one of our own valiant heroes. And what will come of it? What is the event that will send sheer horror cascading down upon the noble heads of our competitors like a heavy snow escaping from the clutches of a terrible mountainside? Hmmmm? I can hear the Owl outside of my window calling out the answer right now! Did you know that owls are psychic? That is why they are such efficient predators. Efficient.
So, we needed to get back to the farm after Jeff's last panel. I mean, we needed to get out of dodge city, man. He took it down that road, did'nt he? So much for family friendly! But seriously, the next logical turn was back to the quest, not the future, to keep the story rolling.
So, there's ol' Fandalf just jabbering his jaw into oblivion. He ai'nt the only talker with bad grammar around these parts is he? You know what they say..."Parts is Parts".
I just said a whole lot of nothing....

- Chew

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